Square Cactus silk cushion_Bohemian ByronSquare Cactus silk cushion_Bohemian Byron

Cactus Silk Cushion Square_ Bohemian Byron


Hand-loomed in Morocco using plant fibres extracted from the Saharan Aloe Vera. Naturally dyed and sun-tanned. Each of them contains unique embroidery

Dimensions:  50cmx49cm

We will welcome whole-sale in this category. Minimum quantity: x50


Hand-loomed in Morocco by artisans we work with using  plant fibres extracted from the Saharan Aloe Vera. They are naturally dyed and sun-tanned. They also contain hand-stitched embroidery. These Cactus Silk cushion covers will lift up all the colours in your lounge or bedroom. If SOLD OUT, get in touch to place an order with us. We bring these beautiful cushions on a regular basis. Please be in touch if you are after a special palette.

Dimension: 50cmx49cm

We sell them online without inserts but you can purchase inserts at our local markets (Olive Tree Market, Homegrown Markets, Warners Bat Market).

Care Instructions: Dry Clean only if required. Avoid water in order to prevent the natural dyes from leaking


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