The Artisans

A craftsmenship that has existed for generations

Koutchi deals directly with local artisans in Marrakech, Fes, and Safi who are skilled, and passionate about the work they do. We are constantly interacting with our craftsmen and discussing new design. Below is some of our artisans’ stories

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Moulay Rchid

designs and makes exceptional ottomans

Moulay Rchid has been designing and making ottomans for the last 40 years. He took over the business from his father to perpetrate the tradition of making premium ottomans. The whole process is done by hand naturally!
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The artisan for the moroccan belts

Abdelkrim has been designing and handcrafting belts for the last 30 years. The timeless-design belts that Abdelkrim makes are known for their longevity and premium quality marrying beautifully tradition with modernity.
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Zayna Moro

The Talented Rug Artisan

Zayna Moro has been handwaving Moroccan prestigious rugs for the last 60 years using fine wool. She lives in Abi Al Jaad village, historically known to producing the finest Moroccan rugs. Each rug she makes takes on average four to five weeks. We have a direct connection with Zayna and we often discuss new design.
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