Janine, October the 10th 2023


I have just completed the inaugural Koutchi tour to Morocco and I am impressed.
This is an artfully designed itinerary filled with high quality accommodation, expert drivers and guides and unique destinations and surprise inclusions. Isshane and Kamal are fluent in both French and Arabic ensuring that you are not missing out on any aspect due to a language barrier. As a guest, you are made to feel like one of their family and are consulted and guided at every opportunity as they are excited to share their culture and country with you.
The minor hiccup of an earthquake days before the tour commencement was handled with supreme professionalism and communication at every turn to ensure all guests were reassured of their safety.
When compared to other tours underway around us, Koutchi is a level above and the small nature ensures a far more personal and immersive experience.
Pack your flat shoes, your open heart and mind and book your tour to explore this beautiful country. You could not ask for better hosts.